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Instrument Cluster Conversions

We provide speedometer/odometer conversions for vehicles imported / exported to and from the USA and Canada.

  • Kms -> Miles
  • Miles -> Kms

    At Canada Speedometer, we understand the need for fast speedometer conversion turn around times, with most conversions returning the same day they arrive.

Instrument Cluster Repairs

Why replace your instrument cluster with an expensive new unit when we can repair your existing cluster for much less?

Common repairs:

  • LCD/VFD displays intermittent
  • Dial gauge movement erratic or stuck
  • Odometer not functioning
  • Bulb/LED fails to illuminate (tell tails)

Other Services

  • Stainless Steel / Color Faceplate installations
  • DRL ( Daytime Running Lights ) Installations
  • Immobilizer Installations
  • Program Transponder Keys
  • Unlock Radios

Canada Speedometer has the following printable forms available. Please click to open .PDFSPEEDOMETER RESET FORM




Adjusting a car odometer reading is not a criminal offence, however you are legally obliged to inform potential purchasers that your vehicle's mileage has been altered. Mileage alteration for personal gain is a serious offence for which you may be prosecuted.

Canada Speedometer will not be held responsible for the legal consequences of any odometer work besides the electronic and mechanical functionality of the odometer. The services described in this web page are intended for lawful service, repair, or replacement of digital odometers in accordance with the law of the province/state or country in which these services are being provided. We encourage you to read Canadian Weights and Measures Act (chapter W-6, paragraph 27) to see what the LAW says about it:


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