Canada Speedometer uses the latest equipment and technical data in thier procedures, to make sure your conversion is done properly with special attention towards a professional finish. We also understand the need for fast speedometer conversion turn around times, with most conversions returning the same day they arrived. We include the removal and installation of every speedometer cluster at no extra cost to the customer. We also offer DRL ( Daytime Running Lights ) module installations which are mandatory by Transport Canada and must be installed in order to import your vehicle. Instrument clusters in vehicles today store information such as transponder key codes and other vehicle specific electronic options. Because of this, we convert the instrument cluster that belongs to the vehicle to ensure that there are no problems with electronics not functioning. Our faceplates are manufactured with no detail overlooked. We replace the faceplate and reprogram the circuit board so it calculates in miles or kilometres. We set the odometer as well so there are no mileage discrepancies when it comes time to sell your vehicle, something most dealerships can't offer. After the conversion is complete, we reinstall the instrument cluster and you are on your way. No waiting for parts and a fraction of the cost of new clusters from the dealerships. That's the Canada Speedometer advantage.
SPEedometer Q&A

Q: How long does it take to convert a speedometer from mph to kph ?

A: The turn around time is usually the same day, but this can depend on the make and model of your vehicle.

Q: My vehicle is under manufacturer's warranty, How will the Speedometer/Odometer conversion affect my warranty?

A: Each manufacturer has their own policy regarding speedometer and odometer conversions and warranty coverage. In most cases, your manufacturer will require the speedometer removal and installation to be performed by an affiliated dealership like Canada Speedometer.

what we use to service you
The Tech2 Scan Tool offers diagnostic functions available for 1992 and newer General Motors vehicles.
Provides multiple vehicle serial communication interfaces to meet the requirements of all Ford Motor Company vehicles.
T300 VER 9.2
The T300 is used for key programming. More cars than any other transponder machine currently avaliable.
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